Minimum price (6 min and 3 km included) — ₽139 
Minimum price  — not more than ₽139 
Wait time — 3 min
Paid wait time  — not more than ₽9 /min
Thereafter inside city — not more than ₽10 /km,not more than ₽10 /min
Extra fee to request ride by phone — not more than 4%
Thereafter in suburbs
not more than ₽19 /km
Thereafter in suburbs
not more than ₽10 /min
Wait time en route 
not more than ₽9 /min
The User agrees to the terms and conditions of such a trip, namely:
— during the trip, the Taxi Service has the right to accept the Request of another User, therefore making it possible to a) change the route of the trip in order to fulfill the second Request, b) increase the estimated travel time
— when a User places a trip Request at the same time as another user who is carrying out a trip Request, only one User can complete a trip as part of such a Request. This means that no more than two Users can be in the vehicle at the same time when two Requests are being executed
— the travel route is determined as the shortest route based on the Service algorithm taking into account the Requests of both Users.

Pricing for transportation services may vary. The maximum price of services is indicated without taking into account decreased and increased rush hour pricing.

The estimated price of the trip indicated in the service may be changed depending on Taxi Services rates, the use of decreased or increased rush hour pricing, in the cases specified in the Terms of Service, as well as in the event of a change in destination during the trip, stops at the request of the passenger, and in other cases.

A multiplier may be applied to ride fares during rush hours (high demand), as per the cases laid out in the Terms of Use.

Paid cancellation applies if a ride is cancelled after the car requested through the service has already arrived, or if the user never comes to the arrived car. The cancellation fee is calculated as a ride that started the moment the car arrived at the pickup point, or from the pickup time indicated in the ride request details (whichever comes later), and lasted until the ride was canceled. It may alternatively be calculated either as the cost of the pickup fee (if applicable) or as minimum fare of the given service class. As regards the cancellation fee for airport requests, city-wide rates apply, and paid cancellations of airport pickups are calculated the same as out-of-city pickups. The total cancellation fee cannot in any event exceed the cost of a ride lasting ten minutes (including no-charge waiting for the rate, if applicable).

The rates are valid until 03.10.2023.

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How to request a ride by phone
Order a taxi by phone +7 (495) 999 99 99