Pickup fee — ₽499 
Wait time — 3 min
Paid wait time  — not more than ₽15 /min
Fare inside city — not more than ₽15 /km,not more than ₽15 /min
Extra fee to request ride by phone — not more than 3%
Fare in suburbs
not more than ₽30 /km
Fare in suburbs
not more than ₽15 /min
Pet transport 
not more than ₽250 
Bicycle transport
not more than ₽120 
I can only communicate in text
not more than ₽0 
I'm in a wheelchair
not more than ₽0 
I'm mute, but I can hear
not more than ₽0 
Help Find Car
not more than ₽0 
Ski or snowboard transport
not more than ₽120 
Wait time en route 
not more than ₽15 /min

The service classes of Taxi Services (Service Partners) may vary. The maximum cost of services is specified without taking into account additional multipliers.

The estimated cost of the ride specified in the service may change depending on the service classes of Taxi Services (Service Partners) and/or the application of the surge pricing and/or reduced density and/or linear density multipliers, as well as in the event of a change in destination during the ride, stops at the request of the passenger, and in other cases.

There might be a pickup fee. A pickup fee will be added to the transport price and is calculated based on:
(1) the distance between the vehicle and the User's location and
(2) the time required for the vehicle to cover this distance.

There might be a request cancellation fee. A cancellation fee is charged in the following cases:
(1) the request is canceled by the service after the car has been dispatched or passenger no-show at the pickup location. The cancellation fee is calculated as the transport price for the time either from when the car actually arrived at the pickup point or the pickup time specified in the request information (whichever is the later) up to the moment the request is canceled, or it's equal to the minimum transport price for the corresponding service class. In the case of paid cancellations of requests to the airport, the city service class rate is applied, excluding the pickup fee, which is calculated as an out-of-city pickup according to the service class. In any event, the maximum cancellation fee will not exceed the cost of a ten-minute transport (including any free wait time included in the service class),
(2) cancellation in the service of a transport request with pickup fee 3 (three) minutes after confirmation in the service's interface. The cancellation fee for a transport request with a paid pickup is equal to the pickup fee,
(3) in other cases provided for by the Terms of Use of the service, depending on the user’s region.

The rates are valid until 23.07.2024.

Ride requests by phone in Saint Petersburg*

+7 (812) 366 66 66

How to request a ride by phone
Order a taxi by phone +7 (812) 366 66 66
*Ask the operator which service classes are available when requesting a ride by phone